Brooklyn-born and based lighting designer Itohan Edoloyi has worked and toured around Europe and North America. She has worked as a lighting designer and associate designer on multiple shows varying from experimental theater to events as well as tours, Off-Broadway and Broadway shows.

Itohan is also currently the resident Lighting Design Coordinator for The Shed's Open Call Series,  working with various artists and designers around NYC.

Itohan Edoloyi was the 2018 recipient of the Hemsley Internship; An MFA graduate from Brooklyn College.

Light is the bond created within yourself through your experiences. The beauty of it, albeit ephemeral, can resonate throughout time. To take pride in light is to honor our innate ability in seeing through the mundane. 


in light collective

I am working on an ongoing art installation project (co-founded by Brandon Stirling Baker) dealing with the amplifying of BIPOC voices through the medium of light along with some great artists and lighting designers across North America as an ongoing response and continuous evolution to what has been going on within our country in regards to black and brown bodies and people of color. 

IN LIGHT for me, is a project that lives as a safe space between visual artists, designers, and poets to voice what their experiences are surrounding "our story."

More specifically, IN LIGHT is a collective collaboration meant to highlight the narratives of BIPOC artists that aren't always portrayed in the media as a way for us to be unapologetically true to who we are and showcase that resilience, beauty and power with the aide of light. 

IN LIGHT is currently open in Tivoli, NY as part of and commissioned by the Kaatsbaan Cultural Park Summer Festival now until the 27th of September. This piece shows the works of Jamar Roberts, Hope Boykin, Carl Hancock Rux, Alan C. Edwards, and co-curated by Brandon Stirling Baker.

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